If you’re planning to purchase one of many great used cars, you may be wondering how to get the best deal. Price can depend on the type of vehicle and the dealership, but if you’re looking for a sale on your preferred model there are a few things you might want to consider.


In many cases the day of the week and time of year can have an effect on your shopping experience. Midweek is usually better if you’re looking to shop when the sales floor is the least crowded. They may also mean you get more time to talk with a sales associate about your car selection, purchase options and discounts. Shopping late year or very early in January could also lead to some discounts. The dealership may be trying to meet a sales quota before their cutoff date for that year.

Trade-in Value

Another option is to ask your dealership about trading in your current vehicle. In many cases they can apply the trade-in value directly towards your new used car. This may also save you the time and hassle of selling the old vehicle on your own.

Great Sales

Many dealerships offer some great sales around holidays. These can be a great time to find deals on the car model you’ve been looking at. It may be a good idea to come before the sale to ask any questions you have about the vehicle you’d like, and then return to make the purchase during the sale event.

Remember to consider your timing when selecting from the many used cars available. Certain times of day may give you a better chance to browse without a crowd. You may also want to consider shopping during sale events or asking your dealership about trading in your old vehicle. Remember to ask the dealership staff if you have any questions about a vehicle or its purchase options.