Suspension Shocks & Struts

Experts now recommend that you replace yours at 50,000 miles

Shocks and struts do more than cushion you on rough roads. They assist road control and ensure your safety. The Motorist Assurance Program (MAP)* now recommends that you consider replacing your shocks and struts at 50,000 miles.

What They Do

  • Keep your tires in contact with the road
  • Shorten your braking distance
  • Control spring and suspension movement
  • Reduce vehicle bounce, sway and roll
  • Maintain wheel alignment and promote even tire wear

The Bottom Line

  • A safer ride
  • A smoother ride
  • Longer tire life

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Are you experiencing difficulty with your steering, or hearing odd noises when you turn the wheel? Is your brake not as sharp as it ought to be or is your vehicle bouncing heavily? All of these are symptoms of problems with your shocks and struts.

Your automobile’s suspension system is what provides you with a comfortable ride and helps keep the wheels in contact with the road. If your ride’s not so comfortable anymore, it’s time to have your suspension system checked out by the expert mechanics at Auto Motion

Signs of bad shocks or struts or worn springs include a bouncy or uncomfortable ride, bottoming out, the front end of the automobile diving or loss of control while making a sudden stop, the automobile swerving more than normal while changing lanes, and a automobile that sags in the front or the rear.

Shock Service

Shocks are designed to provide a specific amount of resistance every time the wheels on your automobile bounce up and down, or when your automobile’s chassis leans as you make a turn. Shocks can wear out in as little as 25,000 to 30,000 miles due to the constant motion your automobile, truck or SUV is subjected to. It’s a good idea to have your shocks checked by a  mechanic about once a year or so for your safety and comfort. This inspection is included in

Strut Service

Most front-wheel drive automobiles have a McPherson strut suspension system, which combines the coil springs and shocks into one unit. Struts control spring and suspension movement to keep tires in contact with the road. Struts cost more, but typically have a longer life than conventional shock absorbers. However, struts do wear out and should be checked by a  mechanic about once a year or so to be safe; t

Coil Spring Service

Coil springs help shocks and struts keep automobile bounce to a minimum. All springs sag with age, as the spring weakens over time. Coil springs should be checked by a Auto Motion mechanic about once a year or so for your comfort and safety.

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